Travel and tourism

Personalized marketing communication for travel and tourism industry

In the travel and tourism industry, products and services are usually marketed via local sales units. Thus, the success of sales and marketing strongly depends on local branches.

The solution: Headquarters manage marketing campaigns while at the same time allowing branches to personalize the material in a regulated process.


Use case: Localized and consistent travel brochures

The headquarters of a travel business provide marketing material (e.g. travel brochures) in Novadex Marketing Shop. Individual travel agencies personalize the brochures in a regulated process. This way, travel brochures are no longer impersonal, but contain contact details, logo and pictures from local travel agencies.


Centralized customer communication management and decentralized campaign runs

  • Stick to corporate design
  • Globally planed communication combined with local content
  • Worldwide access to marketing templates which can be personalized in a standardized process