What is cloud computing?

These days, it is hard to avoid the term ”cloud computing”, but for many, the concept behind this buzzword remains a mystery. Yet most people have been using cloud services for a long time – often without knowing it. The majority of Internet email providers offer their services to the public via the cloud, and public cloud solutions such as YouTube are accessed by millions of people every day. However, the full spectrum of cloud solutions extends far beyond these well-known examples.


Cloud computing – the delivery of software and hardware resources via the Internet

The term ”cloud computing” describes the delivery of resources such as data storage, computing power, and applications over the Internet. Users consume these resources dynamically, as a service, in line with their needs, and only pay for what they use. By leveraging cloud computing, you avoid the cost and effort of purchasing, installing, maintaining and supporting in-house IT systems. This explains why many large corporations have been utilizing cloud computing for some time: it allows businesses to better plan the cost and availability of their applications. As a cloud service, LetterMaschine offers all the benefits listed above. Find out more here.

But what exactly is cloud computing? And why do we call it that? The term ”cloud” originates from the practice of drawing a cloud in system diagrams to symbolize the Internet. And the phrase ”cloud computing” was coined to describe the process of accessing virtualized resources over the Internet or a network. In the cloud, no one machine in particular provides a service; rather the interconnected machines in the cloud work together as one. When choosing a cloud service provider, there are a number of important considerations. You need to know what security standards are being used and what mechanisms are in place to protect your data. This also applies when selecting a provider of cloud-based applications such as mailing software. By choosing LetterMaschine, you are accessing a cloud service based on the highest standards of privacy and data security. Learn more about privacy, data protection and the LetterMaschine cloud solution by following this link.

Cloud services are accessed directly over the Internet. Users simply log into the system and can start using it immediately – no need to invest in costly IT infrastructure or software licenses.

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Cloud computing — endless possibilities

There are three main types of cloud service:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Providers of IaaS – also referred to as cloud foundation – deliver infrastructure resources such as computing power, networks and storage over the Internet. What really gives these offerings an edge over conventional provisioning is scalability: cloud resources can be scaled up and down in line with requirements. For example, users can expand or reduce the amount of storage being used at any time.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Platform-as-a-service providers deliver IT resources that can be used to develop and integrate applications and components – such as a programming interface, or access to a software environment where developers can create applications and offer them as cloud services.


Software as a service (SaaS)

The highest level of cloud computing is SaaS, frequently referred to as software on demand. Users can access applications that run on the provider's IT infrastructure. LetterMaschine leverages the SaaS model to offer an extremely powerful cloud solution for generating highly personalized mailings. Want to learn more about SaaS? Just follow this link.
These three terms distinguish between cloud offerings in terms of their technological level. But it is also possible to distinguish between cloud offerings in terms of their models, i.e. how the resources and services are organized and delivered. Learn more here.

Cloud computing is set to become even more important in the coming years, simplifying and enhancing business processes. You too can enjoy the benefits of the cloud when creating highly personalized mailings with LetterMaschine.