Unprecedented flexibility and scalability: the benefits of cloud computing


Cloud computing: everyone is talking about it; everyone seems to be offering it. But is it a trend worth following? What benefits can cloud computing actually deliver to your business?


Cloud services: total flexibility; anytime, anywhere availability 

A cloud service tailored precisely to customer needs can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure – without installing additional programs, adding new hardware or gobbling up huge amounts of storage space. Once you have registered with the service provider over the Internet, you simply log on and begin using the cloud solution. Not only does this cut costs, it also accelerates the implementation of new systems – significantly streamlining your processes. And because you are not dependent on local hardware or software, you gain a whole new level of flexibility in terms of accessing the solution. Cloud applications are available around the clock; all you need is an Internet connection. So you can work whenever and wherever you like – remotely, from home, or on the move.

But flexible delivery of applications is not the only benefit. Cloud solutions also allow you to exchange data and documents more easily and efficiently than ever before – meaning no more worries about mislaid USB sticks or the hassles associated with sending and opening email attachments. Plus, you are no longer restricted by your computer's limited storage space: simply save your data in the cloud and log in to view and edit it as needed.


Scalable cloud solutions: minimizing costs and risk


Cloud solutions are infinitely scalable, meaning you can access the resources you need in line with your changing requirements. Usage-based pricing models ensure that you only pay for the services you actually use. And this cost transparency gives you a reliable basis for planning.

What's more, cloud computing minimizes the risks associated with capital expenditure and the cost and effort of in-house operation and maintenance. You gain access to high-performance resources and professional solutions without needing to make upfront investment. And by reducing the need for local resources, the cloud shrinks expenditure in the long term.

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