The entire range of delivery models: private and public clouds

Clouds come in many forms. And there is a cloud solution and a delivery model to suit every requirement.

Our LetterMaschine mailing service, for instance, is delivered from what is called an exclusive cloud. This is a special type of public cloud where providers and users agree on terms and conditions of use – ensuring maximum protection for sensitive data against misuse and unauthorized access by third parties. But what other cloud delivery models are available?

Cloud solutions can be broken down into IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings, but they can also be categorized in terms of how they are organized and delivered:

Private clouds

Providing cloud services from the enterprise's own data center 

The main characteristic of a private cloud is that the provider and users know each other and are usually part of the same organization. The private cloud is controlled by the enterprise, and services are delivered to a limited number of individuals, such as employees and authorized business partners. The services and applications in a private cloud are normally accessed over an intranet or (if users are not on company premises) a virtual private network (VPN).

Public clouds

Providing cloud services from a publicly accessible system

Public clouds are operated by external IT service providers. They are open to the public and can be accessed by individuals and companies via the Internet. There are two types of public cloud: 

Open clouds

The provider and users of open cloud solutions do not know one another, and are not in direct contact. In some cases, this can potentially compromise the security of user data. Moreover, the user usually does not know the location of the servers where their data is processed.

Exclusive clouds
In contrast to open clouds, the provider and users of exclusive clouds know each other. They agree specific terms and conditions, and sign a legally binding contract to ensure these are upheld.

The advantages are clear: before the user accesses the system, the provider can clearly identify the person and company in question before granting authorization. Every user must agree to the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy, and these documents specify details such as the location of all servers where the cloud solution is hosted.

LetterMaschine mailingservice is delivered from an exclusive cloud. When you use LetterMaschine, you can rest assured that the personal and sensitive data you enter into our system when creating your mailings will never leave Germany. We also guarantee maximum protection for your data against unauthorized access by third parties. You can learn more about our data protection policy here.